Cleaning Services


talk about knowledge and reliability  maybe what 20 years of cleaning pools in the valley has taught you? try to include a couple of the services in the text

Weekly Pool Cleaning Services

Residential - Commercial 
  • All of our weekly full service pool cleaning rates include chlorine tablets and Ph control chemicals*

  • Brushing, vacuuming, baskets emptied, filter/flow checked, and time clock adjusting as needed

  • As a full service cleaning customer you will receive discounts on all needed repairs and new equipment with installation

*pending a water quality test

Tile Cleaning


This is where you need a description about tile cleaning. Describe briefly the process

Other Cleaning Services

  • Filter cleaningcartridge, sand and DE

  • Sand Filter - vacuum and remove old sand and replace with new

  • Salt Chlorinators

  • Water replacementdrain and refill

  • Acid washing

  • Green pools

  • Pool deck power washing